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You Could Earn Big Money Just by Linking to Us

We pay out a massive 75% commission* for all sales referred to us by our affiliate partners. When you register as an affiliate partner (see details below) you will be given a special code which is 'unique' to you. Simply use this code to link your Web Page or eZine to

Whenever one of your visitors or subscribers clicks on the unique link or banner-advert we supply for you to use, we'll immediately know that the visitor was referred to us by you. If this visitor then decides to download SEO Traffic Explosion we'll give you more three quarters of the profits! It can't get fairer than that! 

Exactly how much money you will make will depend on how many visitors you send to the SEO Traffic Explosion web page and how much interest your visitors have in our product. 

Here's What The SEO Traffic Explosion Affiliate Program Offers You:

  • Fully Tracked by a trusted third party - ClickBank are responsible for all the affiliate tracking and for issuing your payments.* So you can be sure you are going to be sent your payout checks!
  • Regular payments - ClickBank can send you your commission checks out as often as once every two weeks. They also offer low minimum payout thresholds.*
  • Combined Earnings - Because we use ClickBank your earnings will be added to any other affiliate programs you may participate in through the ClickBank network.*
  • Free Promotional Tools - We Have heaps of free Banners, Articles, Ezine Ads, and general ideas for promoting SEO Traffic Explosion to get you started.
  • Lastly It's Free! - Last but not least our affiliate program is also free to join so what have you got to lose.

Get Started Right Now ... 


1. Join Clickbank at

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If you would like access to our Affiliate Tool Kit which has full instructions on the best ways to promote SEO Traffic Explosion including links, banners, ezines ads and more..  Please enter you name and email address below and click on "Sign Up"

If you have any questions about the SEO Traffic Explosion Affiliate program, please email me on


I look forward to working with you.

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* Commissions are calculated after ClickBank processing fee's have been deducted from the retail price.

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